11 Book-Related Things Or Experiences That Delight Me


There are just some really delightful book related experiences in life that can just make me happy on any given day. I could have easily made a list of 50 things but I decided to just talk about 11 things that make me happy/that I’m grateful for/makes me giddy as a bookworm.


1. The smell of a book: #booksniffer — New books, old books. I just love the smell of a book. (Maybe not so much super moldy or smoke filled books that make me hack up a lung but well taken care of used books). Speaking of which I really want this old book smell candle.

2. When the title of the book or something on the cover is referenced in the book: I just LOOOOVE that moment when I’m reading and the title of the book shows up or a scene reflects the cover in some way. I get so giddy about it.


3. Deckled edges on books: Oh my god I just love deckled pages so much. I can’t even really explain it but I get super excited when I get a book that has them.


4. That “new favorite book” feeling: I just looooove that feeling when you are reading a book where you just can TELL it’s going to be a new favorite book. There’s just that spark of magic between you and the book that words can’t properly explain. (seriously someone could help us all out here with one of my 10 made up inventions I wish existed)


5. Meeting someone who likes to read the same things you do/likes your favorite author: It’s really common to have this happen here in the blogosphere but oh my gosh it is so delightful when I meet people randomly in other situations and you have that OMG ME TOOOOO moment. It’s like an instant connection. See also: seeing a person a book you love in public. I try really hard not to be a creeper but alas I kind of am when it comes to this.




6. When you find an underrated gem: I love that moment so much when you read a book that is amazing but super underrated because for a little bit you feel like it is your own before you go tell everyone to read it! I just love finding those hidden gem books. Here are some books I think are hidden gems/underrated in the contemporary YA genre.


7. Hunting for books at used book sale or shop: Now I know used books aren’t everyone’s cup of tea (clearly mine since I waxed poetic on it) but I love nothing more than searching stacks and boxes and shelves of random books. Sure, I love ANY place where books are sold — I love the organization, brightness, convenience of your conventional bookstore — but I love the HUNT of finding things in a used book sale or shop. I love the randomness. Ummm and I really love the prices. I haven’t gone to a used book sale in a while because I have so many books already but oh man what a wonderful experience. I met some of the most interesting people at them. Random strangers would be like “ooh this is a really good book! You should check it out!” and people would keep an eye out for things people were looking for.


8. Hearing a favorite author/author of a book you loved read from said book: I love going to book events! And I have to say, in addition to meeting authors and hearing Q&A’s, I just love when an author reads from a book that meant so much to me. I remember, before Where She Went came out, I got to hear Gayle Forman read from If I Stay and I started weeping. Hearing a part that moved me so much being read by the author just gahhh. I love it. I also heard Rainbow Rowell read from Landline before it came out and she started weeping while reading it and it was such a movement to me. I just love hearing an author read from their own books especially ones I loved.


9. Finding a Little Free Library: I wrote a whole post about my emotional experience when I went to find a Little Free Library near my neighborhood but you guys…I just love the idea of Little Free Libraries. There is just something about bringing a neighborhood together and swapping books.


Little Free Library


10. Sitting in bed on a rainy day with a book and a hot beverage: I mean, really, sitting everywhere and reading is my favorite (here’s my list of fave places to read) but I love my cozy bed and I love when I have nowhere to go and I can stay in comfy clothes and surround myself with blankets and just read in my cozy little nook for myself. Bonus points when your dog snuggles with you.


reading in bed with dog


11. Someone loving a book you recommended: Bonus points for if it’s a person who doesn’t read a lot or thinks they don’t like reading all that much. Nothing gives me greater joy than turning people on to things they think they wouldn’t like. AKA a couple of my IRL friends into YA fantasy! Recommending books can be scary, yo! So it just is the best feeling when someone loves your rec.

I would love to hear the things that make your bookworm heart pitter patter!!

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About Jamie

Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. I agree with these! I especially love Half-Price Books. Every time I go I end up trying to carry around a huge stack of books before I realize I need a basket. To me it’s like grocery shopping, but for books. 😀 I usually bring a list and everything and hope to find things on it. It’s amazing.
    I also have a huge thing for hardcovers….shiny new ones, if possible. I love lining them up on my shelf and admiring the colors. And then taking them out and admiring the covers. And then taking off the dust jackets to see if they have designs underneath. (Sometimes they have designs on the inside of the dust jackets too.) That’s what I love.
    Another fun thing is when I can pretend my book blog is a job that takes priority. “Sorry, I can’t do [insert some chore] right now, I’ve got to read and review this before tomorrow.” No one ever argues because they don’t know how book blogging works. (:

    • I don’t think we have any Half Price Books around here and it makes me so sad bc everyone raves!!!

      I looooove when hardcovers have interesting things under the cover. I always get a little giddy about details like that or cool endpapers.

      And heheh I love your last one. SORRY NO TIME MUST GET REVIEWS DONE BYEEEEE.

  2. That moment when a title or the cover makes sense because of something that’s being said in the book: I LOVE THAT.
    That magic between a book and you; that always reminds me why I love reading so much. And bonding with people over those books is the best thing about blogging.

    • It really IS the best thing about blogging — like when someone else gets why you are freaking out about a book bc THEY TOO have experienced the magic. So much better than Will just looking at me like I’m a crazy person getting overly emotional about a book he doesn’t get haha

  3. I LOVE this posts I can relate to all of them. One of mine is when librarian who knows me well picks out a book for me and i end up loving t.

    • YAS that is such a good feeling — a librarian, a bookseller or another reader. I just love it when someone knows me well enough to say THIS IS A YOU BOOK and then it is.

  4. I love it when I start reading a book I was unsure about in the middle of the afternoon and suddenly it’s the next morning and what even just happened to my life? Bonus points if it’s the weekend and I haven’t just ruined the next work day.

  5. I have this theory that free little libraries are run by fairies, so I always love when I find them!

  6. I love all that you mentioned! I 100% agree on seeing the book title referenced in the book. I get all giddy and think that’s why the book is titled what it is! I think another thing that makes me giddy is seeing your friend’s book at the bookstore shelves. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I keep telling myself to go find a Free Little Library in my new neighborhood and now, you’ve inspired me to look for one!! I will report back when I find one, Jamie!

    I love the smell of old books! 😍

    BTW bonus points if your cat snuggles with you! I know how finicky cats are so I absolutely die when my cat curles up next to me while I’m reading! 💙

    I also get a little bit giddy when I talk to someone who loves the same type of books I love! I used to work with 2 ladies who had totally different book tastes – one YA and the other historical romance – and me who loves both genres absolutely died right there while talking to them about the books we read and loved!

  8. Oh my gosh, deckled pages. The first book I came across with deckled pages was an amazon order. I took it out of the package and was outraged. . .at how DAMAGED it was! I sent it back! LOL. Amazon then sent another, with the same problem. I called and they had to explain to me that it’s meant to be like that. Oh my goodness, how embarrassing for me. I have since come to love them. HAHA!!

    Re 5. – I got super, super lucky with my book BFF. She lives in the same state and we see each other all the time. Also, we have such similar opinions on books. To the point where if she reads something first, she’ll let me know whether to keep it on my TBR list or to ditch it. I do the same for her. It’s such an amazing relationship.

    Re. 10 – I LOVE staying home and reading with my cats! Rain is my favorite weather to read in. Snow is lovely too, but rain is much more audible and makes for a more enjoyable experience. What weather do you prefer to read with?

    Great post! I could relate to most! Being a bookworm (or in my case, book dragon) is the best!

  9. I agree with most of these — especially the joy of curling up with a snuggly pet on a rainy day! (But I’m not really a fan of deckle edges….)

    I’m thinking about starting a little free library in my neighborhood, but I’m put off by some confusing HOA regulations and a recent bout of minor criminal mischief (people taking stuff out of the back of trucks, knocking mailboxes over, that sort of thing). But we have a HUGE side yard right along a stretch of sidewalk, and it would just be the perfect little corner for a LFL.

  10. Great list! #2 – yes! It seems like a lot of titles lately have pulled from one line in the book, and it makes me so happy when I get to that line, and I suddenly understand the title. For example, Saint Anything had me confused for a long time. 🙂 And #9 – yes! Even though I haven’t used a Little Free Library yet (it’s one of my goals for this year), I love seeing them around town.

  11. A big, big YES to all of these!

  12. I love when a stranger asks for book recommendations. I have had that happen a few times in my local book store and one person told me, that I just looked like I knew good books. (Probably my book spreadsheet and the piles of books around me).

    Also love seeing a random person reading a book I loved and having the courage to talk to them about it. There is something about a book that I feel connects us. I love random book convos. It may just be five minutes waiting for a shuttle but in those minutes we have become a unit.

  13. Hi! I just discoverd your blog on bloglovin’ and I suscribed, I love it! And this post is epic! Sometimes I get a real feeling of new favorite book after like, a chapter! But I just love this feeling of falling in love with a book.

    • Hi! Welcome!! And no I totally know what you mean…there have totally been books after one chapter that just have THAT FEELING and you just know. And rarely is it wrong because that first chapter feeling is so rare!!

  14. I love when you stumble upon the title of the book in the actual text. It’s awesome to see and gives me the warm and fuzzies!


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