Top Ten Bookish Confessions

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1. I am a HORRIBLE library patron. Like the worst. I always have overdue books and enormous fines that I am not likely to pay anytime soon because I can’t afford them. I actually made Will go and get a library card so I can use his and start anew. I have actually been better since using his card but before that…BAD.

2. I totally dogear the pages of MY OWN books.  I refrain from doing it to others books or books from the libraries but I’m a very spastic reader and if I’m reading something that makes me swoon or that just makes my soul dance or that is so profound I need to take a step back…I’m not likely to settle myself enough to write it down write away so I dogear so I can find it again when I need to read it or decide to write it in my quote notebook.

3. I’ve never read Harry Potter. There. Boom. I said it. Most of you who have read this blog long enough know this about me but new readers, please don’t judge me on this. It’s just something that kind of happened.

4. In college I liked this one guy a lot and I lied about reading SO many different books. How I managed to convince him I was that well read I don’t know. Maybe HE was trying to impress me, too?

5.  When I pick out a book in a bookstore, I don’t inspect the cover or the pages or anything. I realized, after visiting bookstores with other bloggers, that I am clearly the odd man out here. My book blogger friends inspect their books before they buy them to ensure that there are no creases or wrinkles or I don’t even know what. I had never thought about doing that before. I like a little character to my books I guess?

6. I like used books better than I like sparkling new books. I just do.

7.  I’m a hypocrite because I’m all about “YAY READING! READ WHAT YOU LIKE. BOOK SHAMERS GO AWAY” but I honestly shudder any time I see a Facebook friend or half the women at the resort I stayed at for the honeymoon last week reading 50 Shades of Grey and enjoying it. It makes me want to vom like you wouldn’t believe. Poor Will ended up opening Pandora’s box just by inquiring about why everyone was reading it and why I’m so outraged and the poor guy has to listen to me get fired up about how it’s crap and I don’t understand why it’s so popular and that it’s Twilight fanfic. and gahhhhhh. And then he follows with, “But like you always say…at least people are reading.”  To which I mumble something inaudible, because I know he’s right, and then start swimming underwater so I don’t have to tell him that. I am seriously like the least book shamey person in the world but if I’m honest I just can’t handle 50 Shades of Grey.

8. I don’t really care if the books in a series don’t match each other on the shelf. Here’s a little story for you. One day I finished book 2 of the Jessica Darling series and much to my surprise I went to my shelf and found I have EVERRYYY book in the series except the third one! I know, right?? HORRIBLE! So I tweet a picture of this issue and say something like, “Looks like we have a problem.” and the MAJORITY of people who responded pointed out the fact that the 5th book in the series did NOT match the rest of the series. Not that I was missing the 3rd book! LOL! To tell you the truth, I never EVER even noticed that up until that moment. SO…for the record. I don’t care about my books not matching.

9. I totally read the Twilight series, enjoyed it and saw every single movie in theater…at midnight with my sister. So many outside of this community used to act surprised that I read and like them.  I am not a  Twi-hard nor do I think it was phenomenal writing or that the whole Bella/Edward relationship was healthy. I have tons of PROBLEMS with the series…but I cannot deny the fact that during my senior year in college, during FINALS WEEK, I was devouring these books rather than studying. I cannot deny it. Plus my sister and I had soooo much fun doing the movies.

10. I have not even read a fraction of the books I own. It’s really actually embarrassing. Although I do give away a lot of the books I read to my niece or other bloggers if I’m not going to ever reread them so it’s hard to tell the exact ratio. But I know it’s still absurd.



Oh man..I could keep going. I have so many confessions. But that’s all you are getting for now, friends. Can’t lay out all my dirty laundry in one sitting. Tell me some of your bookish confessions! Dish!

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Jamie is a 32 year old married lady (with a new baby!!) who is in denial that she's actually that old to be a married lady and a mom. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, belting out Hamilton (loud and offkey) and having adventures with her husband, daughter and rescue dog.


  1. bahahaha I totally had the same situation happen with my husband and I. Whenever, I see someone reading it, I get a little satisfaction on telling them that it was originally twilight fanfic.
    Also, I just realized I could totally have been using my mom’s library card this whole time, since I have late fees AND I agree with the whole Twilight Series thing.

  2. I’m the same about matching covers. For example, I have all of the Percy Jackson books in paperback except for the last one. I’d rather have the whole collection than a matching one. And I’m totally guilty of #7, too. It’s like, I know people are reading and that’s great, but I can’t help thinking of all the OTHER books I could recommend them that aren’t Twilight fanfiction.

  3. Pamela Holley says:

    twilight books are such a shameful thing for me lol it’s the one thing i worry people judge me about for giving it a high rating on goodreads, i completely understand where you’re coming from with that (although i usually don’t see the movies till they’ve long been released on dvd) but i did really enjoy the books when i was reading them, despite most of it being against my better judgment, oh the shame lol

  4. Funny, I always inspect my books before I buy them. One of my confessions was also about book-snobbery, it makes me feel sooo bad!

  5. Oh my gosh! I don’t care of my books match either! My Gemma Doyle books are all wonky but that add series CHARACTER, my friend. Plus they’re all USED, because like you I love that, and when you buy used you buy what you can get! So when I see them on the shelf – all non-matchy, I remember where I got them and stuff. I love it!

    PLUS…I have done the Twilight thing at the midnight showings and all that stuff. I love it. However, I don’t have the t-shirts and I’m not in the fanclubs and stuff. I just think it’s great fun with a particular reading friend of mine. YAY for that.

    You’re hilarious. I LOVE this list! xoxo

  6. What a flippin amazing post! That was so much fun to read and agree with and be outraged by (books that match/twilight lol).

    I have one little bookshelf dedicated to books I’ve read in my house, and about 3 gianormous bookshelves full of books TO be read.

    I used to be a bad patron at the library too. I looked at it this way, with budget cuts and tightened funding belts, I’m actually helping SUPPORT the functions of that esteemed institution. I should have a placarded patron’s shelf in my HONOR for the fines I’ve had. 🙂

  7. HA. I was one of those never read Harry Potter people (Unless my 7th grade teacher reading the first to my class counts…) but I haven’t had a steady income in 3 years so borrowing books is how I roll. and the latest series I’ve borrowed is HP and I am on the 3rd one. I have given in.

    I also have a library card… well it’s my mom’s but that still counts, but I have never checked out a book. I just go in and go straight to the section where you can buy a book for a dollar grab a book, shove a dollar in the honor pay box and zoom out of there. Am I the only one that thinks new libraries and bookstores are scary?

    I have read the first 50s book and didn’t fall in love with Grey, but I do feel bad for him.

    I may have also read all the Twilight books in college, maybe even more than once… the movies just make me laugh. Here’s hoping they don’t totally ruin the Host with the movie.

    That was way more than I meant to write…

  8. Go on, keep confessing, I could listen to your bookish secrets all day 😉 At least I’m not alone, I only just started reading the HP series. Didn’t have much motivation to read it but I’m enjoying it so far. #1 was slowish but I found #2 super enjoyable, I’m actually looking forward to reading the next one. And as a reward, I get to watch the movie afterwards!

    I inspect my books before buying, too. Though here in Australia books are real expensive so I look at it that if books weren’t so pricey, I wouldn’t be so picky. Teach them a lesson! Oh, I’m a matcher, too. Must match. Though admitting that, The Summer I Turned Pretty is an odd one out compared to the others, but at the moment I can’t be bothered spending money to match them.

    Woot! Love this list!

  9. Read Harry Potter right now…. no like RIGHT NOW!
    I too can’t believe people are reading Fifty Shades of Grey and are loving it. #7 is hilarious!
    #8 shocks me. I wish all my series matched. My Dark Tower books by Stephen King are all over the place as far as covers go.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am glad to have found you now!!

  10. At our library, we love overdue fines (well, the paid ones–ha!) because that money goes straight to the purchase of new books. Who doesn’t love extra book money?

    The 50 Shades thing is driving me NUTS too. The one bright spot I’ve seen are the people who like reading them so much that they are now devouring other books as well. A couple of friends have emailed to ask me for recommendations, since they now realize the joy of reading (I don’t know if I’m much help, since we obviously have very different definitions of “good books”, but it’s a start!).

    Read Twilight when it came out; loved it. It was nice before it became such a cliche.

  11. I have the same problem with only having read a fraction of the books I own! Only problem is I’m also a book hoarder and refuse to give away or sell or get rid of in any way ANY of my books. I can only imagine how much worse this will get as I get more and more books! lol

  12. Oh, Jamie! NUMBER SEVEN. YES! We went on vacation this summer & I swear every woman was reading effing 50 Shades of Grey. I couldn’t help but wonder if they KNEW what it was about BEFORE they started reading it or if they just saw it was a bestseller. (A friend’s mother-in-law’s (who is in her late 60s) book club chose 50 Shades for the pure fact that it was a bestseller. I’ve met this woman. I swear she’s going to DIE when she reads it. The same reasons you are upset about 50 Shades makes my blood boil too. Alas, Will is right though — at least they’re reading. My question: what will they read next? 😉

  13. LOL! I could have kept going too! I’m with you on the 50 Shades of Grey thing. I don’t even have the desire to pick up those books. However, I also read the Twilight series like it was crack. I had just broke up with my boyfriend and needed a distraction. At least, that’s my excuse! Fab list! 🙂

  14. My confession is I read the fifty shades trilogy and I liked it. Didn’t love it, but definitely liked it enough that I read all three. I hate that there are all these copy-cat books out there now though. That bothers me way more. I also inspect my books, do not like used books, and would totally hate if my books didn’t match, but I am with you on owning so many books I never read!

  15. I love #7. So. True.

    (Also congrats.!)

  16. Are we the same person? F’realz? Like I also have not read a fraction of the books I own. I am totally fine with this. Also I get a tiny bit judgmental over 50 Shades.

  17. I didn’t have time to post my Top Ten Tuesday this week, but if I did, ours would be IDENTICAl. I swear you and I are the same Bookworms. I have too many late fees so yes, I use my fiances card. My book series DO NOT have to match. It doesn’t really matter to me, and plus, I think it gives my bookshelves character. I am sooooo not into the 50 Shades trilogy. I’m a manager at a small bookstore and I can’t even tell you how annoyed I get on a daily basis because of those books! I can spend hours in a used book store. And I also find that I’ll pick up books I usually wouldn’t pick up at a used Bookstore. If I saw it at a big name bookstore I probably wouldn’t give it a second look. Read and Love the Twilight books as well, and have seen every movie in theatre opening week. And no, I haven’t read Harry Potter either! I would like to though..

  18. Twilight?! Ugh! Oh well, I’ve been in your shoes though. I’ve read books books instead of studying for finals. I read a couple of books on the Kennedys. You just need the mental break.

  19. OMG! 50 shades drives me nuts. It went viral at my work place and I cannot believe it. I almost don’t want to talk to these women, to be honest, as they love it so much! I am definitely the odd woman out there, and proud of it!

    I think we should have a Harry Potter read-a-thon next year! I have the whole series that I picked up in England, and will ONE day read it! lol – but first want to make a dent in the numerous books I have yet to read on my shelves!

    Hopping by and loved your list! Here’s mine!

  20. I too like old books over new books. I know a lot of people don’t like creased spines and wrinkled pages but I love them. Gives the book character.

  21. The whole Fifty Shades thing is crazy. I can’t believe how many people are reading this book. There are so many better books out there… Better Erotica/BDSM if that’s what you’re looking for too. I get that yes, it is making more people read. I just hope it leads them to better books.

  22. I don’t inspect the books I buy either. Maybe it’s because we like used ones? Or are library patrons? I think when you have that one copy or nothing mentality it’s kind of hard to deal with options. At least for me.

  23. Continue to skip out on the 50 Shades crap. I read the first one, disliked it heartily, and read the second one only because it had to have more story line. It didn’t. Therefore, I did not read the third. And you shouldn’t read any of them. Unless you like reading a sexed-up version of Twilight (ridic similarities), a book that makes women look weak and eager to be degraded, and just bad writing.

    And to the response of “at least they are reading,” I don’t consider that true reading.

  24. 6 out of 10 of these are my book confessions (Ones that aren’t: totally read and loved Harry Potter, I’m a great library patron, I do the book inspection, and I love matching books – although if they’re not matching, it won’t bother me THAT much). I don’t even want to talk about how I lied about reading books for awhile in college to seem like I was smarter. I’m still embarrassed. But I feel better now that you’ve confessed it, too, Jamie. =p

  25. I haven’t read Harry Potter either, so you’re not alone there. I’m active on Tumblr and there are tons of pretentious readers on there that look down on non-HP readers, but I ignore them. I cringe when I see 50 Shades as well. Especially since I work at the local library and see ladies picking up the audio book version and then I have to go vom. Most of my books in series’ don’t match either. I get about 95% of my books used so it’s not like they are all going to magically be the same edition and I’m fine with that and I’m glad I finally found someone else that is too!

  26. I am a dog eareer as well to my own books, I also am terrible at returning books on time, but I hate it when my books don’t match! I’m also a hypocrite because I can’t say I wouldn’t judge someone for reading Twilight or Fifty a Shades of Grey even though I hate my own reading choices being judged.


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