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The summer has always been a hard time for me as a blogger. I hate being inside. I want to be outside doing things and enjoying the weather because it’s my favorite kind of weather and summer always has great activities to take part in! I feel so unmotivated to sit and blog when I could be hiking or at an outside flea market or laying by the pool. Not only that but I came off a really big, weird blogging slump where I got so discouraged with how serious everything was becoming that I feel like I’m JUST getting back into the groove and I’m feeling like I want to get back to the basics of what I love about all of this: the fun of it all!

So I decided for the next few Fridays I just want to have some fun and just talk about books in non-serious ways and let you guys get to know me a little better! Feel free to join me(and link back) if you are feeling like you want to let down your metaphorical blogging hair and do something silly to relieve some pressure off your blogging shoulders as summer starts to wind down.

You all know I love surveys since I’ve hosted the annual End of Year Book Survey for the past 3 years and plan to again this year. BUT back in the day I was a Xanga and Myspace addict and I used to do ALL OF THE SURVEYS. A popular one was the A to Z survey with questions corresponding every letter of the alphabet about things like your age and the last person you talked on the phone with. I decided I wanted to to a bookish A to Z so I decided to create one myself!


Author you’ve read the most books from:

Judy Blume (Want an easy way to figure this out if you have Goodreads and keep good track of your stuff? Go to your account, hit “my books”and on the left hand side under your shelves you will see “most read authors”)

Best Sequel Ever:

Though The Ever Night by Veronica Rossi. I LIKED UTNS but TTEN blew me away.

Currently Reading:

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead (FINALLY..ok people??)

Drink of Choice While Reading:

Tea! I really like all sorts of green and white teas and always down for recommendations of new teas to try!

E-reader or Physical Book?

I’m definitely a physical book girl but love my Kindle for the gym, review copies and for vacation so I can have lots of options with me.

Fictional Character You Probably Would Have Actually Dated In High School:

Cricket from Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. I definitely went for the nice, kind-of-into-dorky-things boys in high school. Also I had a thing with MY boy next door that never blossomed.

Glad You Gave This Book A Chance:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Hidden Gem Book:

Bunheads by Sophie Flack

Important Moment in your Reading Life:

Discovering Goodreads. Without Goodreads I would have never started reading again. I was a huge reader but then fell off the map in high school/some of college. Goodreads led me to book blogs and here we are!

Just Finished:

Not A Drop To Drink by Mindy  McGinnis

Kinds of Books You Won’t Read:

I’m trying to get better about shutting myself off to some genres (you can help me!) without trying them but I’m certain I won’t ever read any erotica. It’s just not my thing. I don’t mind smutty but not super explicit.

Longest Book You’ve Read:

I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb (897 pages)

** easy way to find this out. Go to your Goodreads “read” list, don’t scroll down but where you are on the screen there will be this little tab on the bottom that lets you choose how you want to scroll or how many books you want display. There is also a sort option with a drop down and you can sort by page.

Major book hangover because of:

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson

Number of Bookcases You Own:

4. Two are really tall and then the other two are smaller. I’m out of room so I have piles here PLUS I stored some books on bookshelves at my stepdad’s house.

One Book You Have Read Multiple Times:

The Giver by Lois Lowry — definitely the book I re-read the most ever. I don’t reread often but when I do it’s been just one re-read. The Giver I just kept re-reading over and over again as a kid.

Preferred Place To Read:

In the tub. It really is my favorite place to relax and read. Also, in bed!

Quote that inspires you/gives you all the feels from a book you’ve read:

“Or maybe it’s not a miracle. Maybe this is just life. When you open yourself up to it. When you put yourself in the path of it. When you say yes.” — Just One Day by Gayle Forman. That book actually kind of changed my life and made me say YES to things I had been thinking about.

Reading Regret:

I regret not having read Harry Potter when it came out. I WANT TO BE A PART OF THAT CLUB WHO GREW UP WITH IT! You did see my secret project, yes? I was going to list a book I regretted reading but NOT reading this was a bigger regret.

Series You Started And Need To Finish(all books are out in series):

I have many but I’d say Jessica Darling series. SHOCKING I haven’t finished it considering how much I love it, huh? I’ve read the first three books but just can’t bear to finish it!!

Three of your All-Time Favorite Books:

The Book Thief by Markus Zusack, Just One Day by Gayle Forman, Pride & Prejudice

Unapologetic Fangirl For:

Trish Doller. Her debut, Something Like Normal, is pretty popular in the book blogosphere and one of my favorite contemporaries but Trish deserves so much more praise and I will shout it to everyone who will listen!!

Very Excited For This Release More Than All The Others:

Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins. PLEASE GET IN MY HANDS, book!

Worst Bookish Habit:

Tricky! What I deem as my worst bookish habit or what you all would? haha. I already laid out my book crimes and you guys cringed so I’ll just go with what I deem it to be…overdue library books! ALWAYS. I can never get it there on time!

X Marks The Spot: Start at the top left of your shelf and pick the 27th book:

John Belushi Is Dead by Kathy Charles

Your latest book purchase:

Crown of Embers by Rae Carson. I loved The Girl of Fire of Thorns and got book three for review and then I saw this one was on sale!

ZZZ-snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY late):

The Program by Suzanne Young. I was going to put it down before bed but was like “what’s one more chapter?” and then uh oh…it’s 3am.

Ahh now I’m going to go put on some Dashboard Confessional and write my most emo post I can that is so perfectly pointed and my meaning is thinly veiled. Oh wait, I’m here…not actually in 2004. Doing a survey just TOOK ME BACK.

I’d love to see yours if you do it too — link back to me and then leave your link in the comments so I can come visit yours!

Happy Friday, loves!! Do something fun tonight!

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Jamie is a 28 year old married lady who is in denial that she's actually that old. When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating gelato, listening to music with oversized headphones and teaching her niece how to be as awesome as she is.


  1. Words cannot express how much I love the idea for this post, Jamie! It’s such a great way to do something different and I continually marvel at how you’re able to consistently come up with such creative ideas for posts :) If I have the time this weekend I’m going to try my best to complete this survey myself because some of the prompts really made me think!

    Thank you so much for making sure that blogging is fun for all of us :D

    • Thank you, Jen! I love me some surveys and had fun coming up with the End of Year one so I figured I’d put my brain to the test with an A to Z since no bookish ones exist (that I could find!)!

  2. I love this! It was fun to read! I loved doing surveys on Xanga and Myspace so much!

  3. I LOVE this! It was definitely fun to read!

    Great post!

  4. I read in bed and the tub the most too. With a Lush Bubble Bar or Bath Bomb, life is divine. Also, I just bought Bunheads this week too. I am awesome!

    • OMG I looooove the Lush stuff! That’s one of the first things I’m going to buy when I get a job and I’m going to march over to my stepdad’s house and hog the bathroom for a few hours in his brand new tub I showed you!!

      • Can you girlies believe I don’t have a bath tub? Only a shower which is currently not functioning…well only cold water :( I love the hotel bath tubs and I always bring my Lush bath bombs when I stay at hotels because it’s the only time I get to enjoy baths…oh bliss just thinking about it :D

  5. This was so much fun! I had a really good time reading through this survey and I’m surprised you came up with so many different options!

  6. I love this so much! I honestly miss surveys like this sometimes. I used to do them ALL THE TIME on my LiveJournal. And on email chains, back even further, haha. I will definitely be joining you in this!

    Love reading your answers. :) HOORAY for finally reading Vampire Academy! I hope you love it!

    Bunheads! That’s such a great book!

    I really need to read The Giver! I’m so behind.

    I wish I would have read Harry Potter growing up, too! Unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to. The very end of my freshman year of college, I fixed it, though! Devouring these books in 2 weeks, never mind finals, haha.

    Aw, man! I’m so sad I missed your Courting the Romance Genre post! I totally would have voted. There are some FANTASTIC books listed on there! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the results. :)

    Something Like Normal! ♥ ISLAAAAA.

    Ahaha, love your X and Z categories! Very creative.

    • YES I miss stuff like this too! I used to be on Livejournal too and do them there! AND OMG THE EMAIL CHAINS lolol.

      And thank you…X and Z were total bitches to figure out but I prevailed!

  7. This looks like a ton of fun! Could I do this on my own blog?
    -Scott Reads It!

  8. Okay, so, confession, I prefer to be inside. I hate being hot and I am terrified of bees. Like, I’ll be all “oh reading outside would be awesome,” but then I go outdoors for about five minutes and a bee comes by and I go racing inside yelling. Maybe there aren’t as many bees and things where you live.

    OMG. I am doing this A-Z survey thing. This is BOSS. I want to live in your brain so I can know what it’s like to be so creative.

    Quick note: I refuse to finish the Jessica Darling series. I loved the first two, but I refuse to watch it descend into a ridiculous on again/off again relationship, because I ship them so hard and it would make me hate them and I can’t.

    Huh, Penguin still hasn’t sent out Isla, have they? And it was on the form like 8 months ago. WEIRD PENGUIN IS WEIRD.

    • HA YES. I remember us having that discussion about outside and bees and how nobody understands our fears. Minus bees and snakes, I LOVE OUTSIDE. We do have lots of bees and bugs here but maybe less than you?

      Can’t wait to see YOUR answers!

      I’m so scared to read JD, Christina! I really am!! I want to keep shipping themmm!

      I might faint if they send it to me. I requested it sooo we will see!

  9. Hello, Jamie! I wanted to ask you, can I do this awesome survey in my blog with your post and name linked on the top as creator ? I really liked this idea!!!

  10. Ooh I love this! I used to fill out these surveys ALL the time! Of course, it got repetitive after a while, but it never really slowed me down. I definitely plan on filling these out because it’s been so long. I’ll try to remember to come back and share my link, I’m thinking of having it go up next Friday since I don’t like double-posting.

    But yay for The Book Thief! I LOVED that book! How do you feel about it becoming a movie? I’m slightly torn. I just hope it does it justice (and omg, I already know I’m going to cry…) And yes! I love reading in the tub too. Sooooo relaxing. And I can’t even imagine a childhood with Harry Potter. But hey, better late than never! I hope you enjoy reading the series!

  11. Can you believe I’ve not read TTEN yet? I loved UTNS when it came out and I do own TTEN but I just… haven’t read it yet? It’s stupid, because I love all the characters, and Roar most of all. I need to read and reread this series soon.

    YOU’RE READING VAMPIRE ACADEMY EEP! This makes me very happy.

    Ooh Cricket <3 I adore him. Also, Bunheads is a wonderful book! SCS also gave me a massive book hangover (I drowned my tears in the pool on vacation) and that quote from Just One Day is just beautiful.

    Yay secret project! I can't wait! I also need to has Isla RIGHT NOW. It will be delightful <3

    For real, I love this post. Yay surveys! I just answered the questions :D

  12. Ginger @ GReads! says:

    You know I love your surveys!
    Here’s mine:
    Surprisingly, top 3 favorite books of all time was the hardest for me! I feel like my favorites are always shifting. It’s hard to choose an “all time” favorite.

  13. What a fun idea!! I will be completing this today, I think! Thanks for always having awesome posts :)

  14. I had so much fun doing my answers for this bookish survey! I’m subscribed to your RSS Feed, so when your post came through my email inbox, I was like… “I HAVE to do this!”
    Here’s the link to my post:
    Happy reading and have a great day!
    XO Becca

  15. This looks like so much fun! I’m a tea drinker too when it comes to my preferred reading beverage. And I can’t wait to read/watch more about your secret project.

    I’ll definitely be doing this survey over the weekend. :)

  16. Okay I am going to have to do this for next Friday’s book related post. Today I posted my top five favorite bookish quotes (two of the quotes could be a bit spoilery since you haven’t finished HP yet” But this is an awesome post.

    Here’s my Friday Musings post

  17. I love this post! I also posted on my blog We have very similar reading habits I would say. Also, I love the Dashboard Confessional reference at the bottom. So emo but I was definitely in love circa 2004.

  18. HA! I’m with you on the firing up Dashboard Confessional (or Brand New!) and writing emo Xanga posts circa early 2000s.

  19. This makes me wish I had a blog so I could do it too!

  20. I loved reading this! It’s such a fun idea. That’s so cool that Goodreads got you back into reading. It’s definitely one of my favorite social media sites :)

    I had so much fun filling out my own :)

  21. Oh my gosh, what a fun post! I’m such a sucker for surveys like this, so I hope you don’t mind if I follow suit on my blog at some point.

    I’m glad you gave Cinder a chance too — I love that book! And I’m excited for you to read The Crown of Embers. Fire and Thorns is one of my favorite YA series ever. Can’t wait for your review! :)

  22. This was a lot of fun to do :) Thanks

  23. FUN! I was addicted to surveys too. Although I am a bit older than you and remember doing them by email chain. O.O “Who is least likely to write back?” HAHA.

    I am going to borrow this for my blog too! I’ll be sure to credit and link back. Great idea!

  24. Oh my goodness I was obsessed with xanga at one point and I used to do all the surveys as well! This is such a great idea and I think I’m going to post this survey!! And I totally understand your slump. I’ve been in the same predicament. I’m trying to get back to reading and blogging but it’s hard in the summer.

    Xo Stephanie

  25. This is such a great idea! You are so creative. I love getting to know my fellow bloggers better. I always read in the tub, it’s so relaxing! Oh and I’m super excited about your secret project. Hope you enjoy HP!

  26. This is one of the best survey that I ever see. So much that I do it on my blog!

  27. OMG LOVE. Man, surveys were THE THING back in the day. Facebook, Livejournal, Open Diary, I was all over that! You can bet I’ll be doing the survey and linking you back. Be prepared! Hahaha

  28. This was a great idea! Thanks for giving us all something fun to do!

    Here’s mine:

  29. Oh man, I LOVE surveys. I feel like I did them all when Myspace was still cool. I’m definitely going to have to do this one. dskjbkdjbfkjvfkjfds

  30. Surveys were my jam back in the day, so I got super excited when I saw this one! Here’s the link to my post:

  31. Love this survey! It was so much fun to fill it in:)
    Here’s mine:

  32. Wow, that was a blast! Thanks for such a fun way to spend Friday at my computer, Jamie!

    Here’s my A to Z Bookish Survey.

  33. Sorry if this comment shows up twice. I don’t think my first one worked:(

    Anyway, this was such a blast, Jamie! Thanks for adding some entertainment to my day:)

    Here’s my A to Z Bookish Survey.

  34. Love this — totally doing mine this weekend! xoxo

  35. I couldn’t resist this, I was a total survey addict when I was a teenager!

    I love to read in the bath, and Isla is definitely one of my hurry-up-hurry-up-hurry-UP! anticipated releases.

    Great idea, love the post!

  36. This was fun! I love doing surveys.
    Thanks for doing this!

  37. This was awesome! Thanks for adding some fun to our Friday! Here’s my survey:

  38. Wow, you’re really taking us back today, Jamie! You always come up with the most clever ways to facilitate fun, bookish discussion. Thank you for hosting this! My survey is here:

  39. Jessica M says:

    I loved this. It was fun to do myself! You can check mine out at

  40. Love, love, love this post. Aren’t surveys so much fun. I hope it’s okay if I link back to you next Friday with my own post.

  41. What a fun idea Jamie! Such a perfect way to celebrate National Book Lover’s day!
    Here’s mine:

  42. I love surveys. So much fun! Thanks!

  43. Love love love this! I think I’m going to do one too. Through the Ever Night and Cricket Bell are two that I screamed out YES! For. As much as those hot bad boys are fun, I’d have chosen the nice one in real life.

  44. wooohooo…. nice survey doyke! don’t sweat it over harry potter… we’ve got this. we are taking back our childhood! no looking back!!

  45. I love doing surveys! So thank you for this one (:

  46. This was such a fun post! Im really excited for Isla too! Thanks for sharing. Here’s a link to mine:

  47. This is awesome! I used to be obsessed with doing Myspace surveys! Here’s mine:

    My A to Z Bookish Survey

  48. Yay I miss doing the MySpace surveys! This is an awesome idea Jamie thank you for sharing. I will post mine and link it once I think about my answers.
    <3 Dashboard Confessional!

  49. XANGA! hahah OMG – i just got transported to high school – love it. <3

  50. This is a great idea! I am leaving today for a music festival and I’m only back next week so I’m leaving a couple of posts scheduled. I’ll definitely do this survey! I’ll probably scheduled it for thursday…or friday!

    Joana @ Joana In The Sky With Books

  51. What a fun idea! I had to do my own:

  52. Love this idea! Looking forward to having a go during the week, could take me a while to come up with some of the answers :)

  53. I used to fill out SO MANY surveys. I think I still have a few up on fb somewhere. Anyways, here’s my A to Z: It was fun to answer!

  54. I love love LOVE this idea, and posted mine this morning! Thanks for making this awesome survey! It definitely brought back those Xanga and MySpace days!

  55. Awesome survey!

    Here are my answers

    Bieke @ Istyria book blog

  56. Love this idea!! And here is my A to Z Survey

  57. Hehe, thanks for doing this! It’s awesome :D I had so much fun reading your answers and writing my own. I wish you had grown up in the Harry Potter generation as well T_T But I can’t wait to see how you do in your secret project! :D

  58. Ah, this is so much fun Jamie! I used to love filling these out. Thanks for taking us all back to those Xanga days! I did mine here:

  59. Whoa, suddenly I’m 16 again Jamie! :D :D :D I LOVE this idea, and you gave it your own flair. You are so creative, girl! Reading your answers was a LOT of fun. I have been looking for something silly and zany to do on the blog, so I may come back and comment here with some answers, or do mine (with full credit to you of course, love) and then leave you a link. SO fun. Thank you for going the extra mile and doing this, and I hope you had a blast with it1

  60. This is really great! Here’s mine: :D

  61. I loved the old myspace surveys too. Here’s my survey answers:

  62. Oh my gosh, this survey is way too much fun!

    I still haven’t read the Vampire Academy series either! I just read the first and have yet to read he rest…

    I really want to read Bunheads! I will have to give that a try.

    I love reading in the tub. I’m super sad that my new tub is not near as comfy as my old one. :( It makes it harder to stay in there and read.

    Your blog is just too wonderful!

    Here is my link!

  63. Stephanie Verhaegen says:

    I loved this book survey. I had a lot of fun! :D

  64. I love this survey so much! Great post.

    My Survey.

  65. This was a lot of fun! Here are my responses:

  66. I LOVE this idea, Jamie! So cool.

    Annnnd, I did the survey also:


  67. This was such a brilliant idea. I had so much fun with this.

    ALSO YES READ CROWN OF EMBERS SOON. I wasn’t a huge fan of the first book, but CoE sold me on Rae Carson and the entire series.

    I’m super horrible about eating food and leaving food stains on books as well. I always feel horrible about it.

  68. Fun post! I just had to join in here.

  69. This was a fantastic idea! Thank you so much! I needed this today. :)

    My bookish survey.

  70. Great idea for a list. Will definitely be back with my own A-Z.

    Love The Book Thief – one of those books that I want everyone I know to read.

  71. Great post! I love surveys! Here’s mine:

  72. This was so much fun! Filled it out over at my blog here. Thanks so much for creating this survey.

  73. This is a great idea! Thanks for posting it, I’ve been really enjoying reading yours and everyone else’s A-Zs. It’s a great way to pick up new book recommendations.

    I even broke the habit of a lifetime and stopped being a lazy blogger long enough to fill out my own answers!

  74. It’s a good thing we have you to keep us all entertained with new ideas! Here is my A to Z Survey! Thanks for the fun, Jamie!

    Pursuit of Good Reads’ A to Z Survey

  75. I LOVED this idea! I found so many great books from your survey that I cant wait to read! I just uploaded my survey to the blog if you are interested in reading about some of my favorites!

  76. I really enjoyed reading everyone’s answers so I decided to answer them myself! Thanks for cooking this one up … fun!

  77. This is such great idea. I remember doing these type of surveys on email chains. Thank you for creating it. I had fun filling it out. Here are my responses:

  78. Jaime thanks for this, it was so fun to participate in. I loved writing this post up and also reading others A-Z Survey, we should do this more often :D

    My A-Z Survey

  79. Great survey! I absolutely loved participating in it and you have won yourself another follower. I look forward to reading your future posts.

    Here is my link:

  80. This was awesome! I loved these surveys too and your bookish one is perfect! Here’s mine!

  81. I had a lot of fun answering this survey! Thanks for creating it. Here are my answers :)

  82. AHH! I’ve already copy this post and I’ll do it later Sunday Night. I love your surveys!

  83. Omg Jamie this is a fantastic idea! I’m totally doing it.

    TTEN totally blew me away too, that was one helluva sequel.

    I really want to read Bunheads now!

    AND LOL your worst reading habit oh dear :P

  84. This was so cool! Here’s my one:

  85. You’re answers are great! You’re a very diverse reader! I didn’t feel like going to sleep, so I stayed up doing this survey instead….thanks for posting this – it was fun!

    My response:

  86. How fun! I absolutely love when you create these. :)

    Here is the link to my survey:

    Happy Sunday!


  87. Bit late to the party but I had SUCH a laugh filling this out (you can find mine here). Thanks for the awesome survey, Jamie!

    – Allie x (Little Birdie Books)

  88. Awesome idea! I love answering questions/ surveys so when I saw this floating around I couldn’t resist. Thank you for putting this together!

    My A-Z Survey answers

  89. This is such a fun idea! Here’s my answers:

  90. This was such a fantastic idea Jamie! I love doing your surveys :). Thanks for doing creating this! Here’s the link to my post:
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  91. Your surveys are so much fun! Thanks for letting everyone join in. Here’s mine:


  92. So much fun, Jamie! Thanks!! I loved your answers. I agree with waiting for Isla. I’m so out of the loop, but I do know I want to read that one! :)

    Here’s mine!

  93. Lovely idea! The Book Thief is one of my favourite books too.

    I posted mine:

  94. I had so much fun reading your survey (I enjoy surveys too)! I’m a new visitor to your blog, but I’ll definitely be subscribing and favoriting your blog! Here’s my survey I did: Thanks again for this wonderful creation!

  95. I will do this and post it on my blog for tomorrow. BUT THANK YOU because more I’m also going to use it in class tomorrow as a way too get to know my new high school English students an their reading habits. (If you don’t mind my stealing it.)

  96. I miss the old Myspace surveys! This was fun :)

  97. This was really a fun survey, so I had to do one too. You can see mine here:

    I can’t wait to read Isla and the Happily Ever After either! And I love that quote from Just One Day.
    Btw I’m a recent new follower, and I love your blog! You have some fun and interesting posts, and your reviews are always really good :)

  98. This is an awesome idea. I will have to get my thoughts together and then I will participate!

  99. Ok took me a bit to think over my answers but here’s mine:

    Thanks it was super fun to do! I’m looking forward to the next one.

  100. I had so much fun filling this out today! Thanks so much for creating this awesome survey! :)

    My answers to the A to Z survey.

    Ashling @ Reading, Writing, & Anything but Arithmetic

  101. I love this survey! The questions are a lot of fun to think about. I had a great time with my husband today discussing some of our answers. Thanks for creating it!

    I completed the survey on my blog:

  102. Love the survey! Thank you for posting this :) This is my A-Z Bookish Survey answers if you want to drop by :)

  103. Just posted mine at off to read some of the other posts.

  104. I agree I use to do the myspace surveys all the time.

    Here’s my survey

  105. This was such fun! Here’s my link!

  106. So I did this other day and haven’t been on my computer to link up! But I just LOVE this idea–it’s so fun and refreshing, plus it’s a thinker! Your answers are great, along with your topics (though some were hard!). Thanks so much for doing this–I look forward to the next one!

    My A-Z Book Survey!

  107. Thanks for the fun survey! I can never return my library books back on time either :)

  108. This was a wonderfully fun post! Glad to see another bookish tea drinker. Here is my A to Z:

  109. Oy! I did your survey too, it was a ton of fun, :) :)!


    I had to do it too! What a great idea!!!! Loved it!

  111. Such a great idea! Thanks for allowing us to share too!

    Here is my survey:

  112. This was so much fun! :D You had some great answers and I even got to learn some new stuff for Goodreads.

  113. So I found your blog because of this survey and everyone participating and I have to say – I LOVE your blog now and I am SO HAPPY to have found it! I love your writing style, I like your blog design, I like the whole vibe and how you describe your reviews as sitting with an old friend over margaritas talking about books! High five for creating such a great space where you talk about books! I am a new and enthusiastic follower! :)

  114. Thank you so much for this! I really enjoyed it and glad I decided to do it!

    My A to Z Survey

    Amber @Paradise of Pages

  115. This was so much fun to fill in, it definitely took me back to my myspace survey days, haha! My answers are here. Thanks for creating such a fun survey Jamie!

  116. Sounds fun!

  117. Great idea Jamie :D I loved doing this survey! Here’s mine:

  118. Great idea Jamie :D Here are my survey answers:

  119. I love this! I definitely did tons of surveys like this on Myspace back in high school. So many things to comment on, but I’ll just say I hope you are enjoying Vampire Academy (one of my favorite series!). I’m excited about your “secret project” with HP too. Great idea! Here’s mine:

  120. This was lots of fun to read and then do myself! Here are my answers:

  121. I love this!!! And I also love that my reader is filled with all my favourite bloggers’ answers to your survey too. Tomorrow morning, it will be great to read through them all with my coffee =)

    In the meantime, here’s the link for mine:

    P.S. I know I commented on your original post, but I am SO EXCITED for you to read the Harry Potter series!!!! I just finished re-watching the movies from beginning to end with my baby boy (never to early to expose him to good stories, right??) and fell in love with the story, the characters, everything all over again. Can’t wait for you to experience the magic.

  122. Great Idea! I had so much fun filling this out! Here is the link to mine

  123. Had tons of fun with this survey! Thanks for coming up with the idea. Here’s my post:

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

  124. This was so much fun. This was a great idea!
    Here’s mine.

  125. Loved doing this survey! It made me go back and look at all the old surveys I used to do on Bebo. My answers are here.

  126. I had lots of fun filling this out. THanks. Here are my responses:

  127. I loved this survey. Thanks so much for creating it. Here are my answers (because, God knows you haven’t read enough of them by now ;-) )

  128. I’m quite late on this, but it was such a lovely idea that I couldn’t pass it up!

  129. Hi Jamie,
    I lOVE this post! It was so much fun to read and learn all about you. You came up with some really clever questions! I’ve just recently discovered your blog and I’m so excited I found it! I took your survey on my blog, so here’s the link:

    I hope you enjoy reading it! I am also a HUGE chai fan! :) Thanks for the fun survey idea!

  130. Great survey – I meant to take part first time I saw the post, but have only just gotten round to it – here’s mine (

    This was really fun to fill in, thanks Jamie =)

  131. I JUST Finished the Harry Potter series Sunday night. Between the Internet, Big Bang Theory, and The Boyfriend I only had about 5 things spoiled… should have read them years ago (especially since my 7th grade reading teacher spent the last ten minutes of class everyday reading book 1 and some of book 2 to us…)!

  132. YAY!! I’m not the only one who just started reading the Vampire Academy series. I also just started reading the Sookie Stackhouse series. Vampires are coming back into my life!

    Love this survey! Going to work on it over the next few days.

  133. Great idea – I took to long to do mine but enjoyed it! Thanks!

  134. Thanks so much for sharing this survey, Jamie! I filled it out and posted it on my blog, I Believe in Story. If you’re interested, you can read my answers here:

  135. Jamie, this is terrific! What a great idea — and I had so much fun putting together my A – Z answers! Here’s my post:


  136. I love this idea! I’m a new follower on your blog and when I saw this book survey I knew I had to participate >.< It was a lot of fun and I hope you'll check mine out!

    Thanks so much for this! Yay for fun book blogging <3

  137. I had so much fun answering this!

    Here’s mine!

  138. What a fun idea!! Thanks for thinking of it!

    Also I love the tv show Bunheads! But I had no idea it was also a book, will definitely be checking that out soon!

    Here’s my link ->

  139. Such a great idea for a post, and thanks for coming up with all these awesome questions! Here’s my survey:

  140. Joni Patterson says:

    It was such fun reading your answers I couldn’t help but give my own! (Though choosing favorites has always been hard for me to do…) ^.^

  141. Great survey! I’m going to join in with this in the next couple of days!

  142. Thanks for making such a fun survey! I completed it here: and made little graphics for each of the questions. :D

    Amber x

  143. I loved Xanga and Myspace back in the day! And like you, I LOVED doing the survey’s, especially during girls nights with my best friends when we all answered them.

  144. I love your blog! This quiz was so fun and I loved doing it! Here’s mine. :)

  145. I had so much fun doing this survey, I think it’s great to stop and reflect on what reading really means to you!

    You can read mine here:

  146. What a creative idea! This was a lot of fun to do, really got me thinking about some books that I haven’t in awhile. Here is mine:

  147. Such a creative idea! It made me think about some books that I hadn’t in awhile so it was a lot of fun! Here’s mine:

  148. This is such an awesome survey, Jamie! Thanks for making it. :)

    I answered this too, so I would love if you checked out my answers. :)

  149. Hi Jamie I loved reading all your answers, I agree I don’t know what I’d do without Goodreads and Just One Day has to be one of my favourite reads too. Thank you for allowing us to have the opportunity to take part in this fun survey too, you can read my answers here:

  150. I really enjoyed this It was a ton of fun!

  151. Lol, I loved doing these on myspace and via email when I was a teen. Some great questions on this one too. :D
    I did mine here:

  152. Hi Jamie, Havig come across your survey on Kimberly’s Wings Of Books site I had to join in the fun. A great meme, thanks for hosting. PW

  153. I thought this was a lot of fun! It was perfect for my blog since I won’t be reading much the next two weeks!! Here is mine..

  154. Love this survey. Here’s my two cents :)
    Adina’s A – Z Survey

  155. I had such a great time participating in this! Thanks so much for providing such a fun topic to do. Here’s my A-Z Survey if you have time to stop by. :)

    Happy Reading!

  156. This was such a fun survey! Thank you so much for creating it. :)

    Here’s mine:

  157. I’m a sucker for making lists. Here’s mine:

  158. I just posted my A to Z survey! You can find it here!

  159. I would like to say I am glad I found your blog. I too love doing surveys and such so this was fun for me. Here is the link to my blog –

    I look forward to future posts from you.

  160. This is an awesome idea! I’m doing it for posting tomorrow ( crediting you of course!

    Also tea recommendation for you: Taylors of Harrogate China Rose Petal, I absolutely love the stuff!

  161. This is such a fun idea!! Here’s the link to my post:

  162. This was SUCH a fun thing to do and I love seeing how many participated in this. Definitely something we should do more often. :D Thanks so much for doing this!

  163. Love this post. I’ve done my own too!

    Awesome Jamie!!

  164. I LOVE this idea! Totally going to do it at some point soon :)

  165. Some of the answers came easily to me, others I had to really think about.

    Here’s mine:

  166. I’m glad I came across this…like you I did like every survey/quiz thing EVER in high school (I lie. I still do it. I can’t help myself). This was a lot of fun, and I’ve been trying to make sure that blogging doesn’t start to feel overwhelming and like work, so this survey helped a lot!

  167. Cricket is adorbs. Dashboard forever. And this post is wonderment.
    The end.
    p.s. *hugs*

  168. This was such a delight to read! Hope you love Crown of Embers as much as I did – sequel is AWESOME and leaves you absolutely dying for the Bitter Kingdom, so it’s great you already have a copy :)

    The Giver is a perfect one to revisit time and time again, too. So much agreement with your answers! Thanks for the super fun idea – I had a great time filling it out for our blog!

    :) Sam @ Mad But Magic

    Our survey:

  169. I love this survey! You’re really creative :)

    I’m fashionably late to the party, but I did your survey:

  170. This was sooo much fun! I decided to answer every question before going to bed:

    I hope you continue to make stuff like this. <3

  171. Great list! Thanks, I had a lot of fun completing my answers and I’ve linked to you on my post. Here’s my link:

  172. I had so much fun doing this survey!!! Here’s the link to mine:

  173. I loved this so much, had to do it myself –

    Thanks for making this super fun survey!!

  174. I know I’m quite late to the party here, but nice Summer weather really puts a cramp in my blogging style too! I’d much rather be swimming and sunbathing than indoors >.< Anyhoo, I really loved this survey and had a blast answering my own :D Thanks for sharing your idea with the blogosphere AND your answers were fun to read too!!

    My A to Z Bookish Survey

  175. What a fun survey! I’ve enjoyed reading everyone else’s responses too!
    My link:

  176. This is a great idea, Jamie! *gap* Second Chance Summer gave you a book hangover? I need to read this book soon.

    I took the liberty of participating today. Here are my answers!

  177. Thanks Jamie, another fun idea. So fun in fact I am thinking of using it with some tweeks on my travel blog.

  178. Neat idea, I posted my list also.

  179. I love this survey! I just filled it out on my blog:

  180. YAY!! I loved filling these out:


  181. What a FUN survey!! Thank you for posting this so that I and it looks like, many others could enjoy participating in it as well! I posted my results on our book club blog that you can see here!
    Happy Reading!

  182. This made me chuckle Jamie. I liked the questions and the answers. You are one creative chicky! I want to do this- I just need to find the time.

  183. This is a great idea! Absolutely loved doing this!

  184. Thanks for a fun survey! Some are easy to answer, some make me chuckle, some make me think how very grateful I am to have book blog. Also posted the survey on my blog :

  185. I seem to have a huge issue with returning library books overdue, too. It’s also really embarrassing because most of my librarians know me. *shame*
    I love this Q&A, so I had to participate too! I just posted my own answers on my blog :-)

  186. Johann Pollard says:
  187. I don’t usually care for surveys but I love books. Here are my answers to all of these great questions—->Books Books and More Books

  188. I’m a bit late to joining, but I posted mine today!

  189. This is really cool. I found this on a friend of mines blog and had to do this myself. Great idea and I love your blog. Check out my answers if you have time at:

    By the way I am a new follower through bloglovin. :-)

  190. Hey, I love this its such a good idea and your answers are amazing. Here is a link to my attempt:

  191. I finally did one of these! It was so much fun to do! And I can’t believe you read in the bathtub. I can’t even imagine doing that, what with the probability of the book getting wet and all O.o

  192. Took me nearly 2 weeks to do this but I finally finished – and posted! Here’s the link to my A – Z Bookish survey

  193. Sarah @ Sarah Says Read says:

    Thanks for the fun distraction Jamie! :-)

  194. Good categories for your survey. I found you via Sarah Says Read.

  195. Becca @ Lost in Thought says:

    Loved this post Jamie! Lots of fun and I had to join in and fill in this survey myself :) Great idea!

    Becca @ Lost in Thought

  196. This brings back so many memories!!! Ahhhhh the email chains. Totally joining in, here’s my answers

  197. Thank you for such a wonderful idea. It allowed me and so many others to speak our minds via books.

    Goodreads is such a blast. I feel like I am constantly recruiting people to go there, giving them the elevator speech of all the wonderful things it offers. I still haven’t read The Book Thief but I just watched the movie trailer for it and it’s making me step up my A-game and get to reading it. I have The Program on my to-read list because I like the concept and the ratings are very high so it’s great to hear that it was tough to put down.

    Thanks for sharing and happy reading to you. I look forward to more that you share on your blog.

    Cheers, Aubrey

  198. I love this! Just did it myself:

    You rock, Jamie!


  199. Hi there! I just came across your site a few days ago and have been wandering through all the posts. I gave this survey a shot over on my site and just wanted to let you know. Thanks for creating such a fun survey. I’m totally having myspace flashbacks haha. Anyways, thanks again for the bookish fun. :)

  200. I did this one, it was lots and lots of fun :D

    Here you can find it:

  201. Awesome post. I want to play it too.

    This is mine :


  202. I completed this survey throughout today and it was a fun use of my time! Thanks for creating this, I hope for more in the future!:)

  203. I loved doing this survey! I had managed to forget all those hours I put into myspace survey and it definitely brought it all back, lol.

  204. What a fun survey! I’ve made it one on my blog here:

    Thanks, anyway. Hope you’ll make another fun survey asap! ^^

  205. Hiya Jamie

    I just published my A to Z Bookish Survey :)

  206. I loved this survey Jamie! I’m starting to think most booklovers have a thing for surveys haha!
    Anyway, here is mine

  207. I’ve loved this post idea, and reading everyone’s different answers! I might have to do one myself (and link back to you of course). Thanks!

  208. This was really fun! Here’s mine to check out:

    If anyone visits my blog, please leave a link to yours in the comments so I can check yours out too! :)

  209. This survey was so fun!! I like to read in the tub too. I forgot to mention that when I did it. I am a big tea drinker too and almost always have a cup of tea with me at night when I am reading. I listened to The Program on audiobook and I think I was up until like 1am to finish listening to it. :)

    My survey answers

  210. I ran across this survey at Bibliophile and loved it! I posted my own version at

  211. This was such an awesome idea! I had a really fun time doing it! Here is the link to my version:

    I have a problem with overdue library books too! It gets so annoying sometimes that I ALWAYS forget!

  212. I finally got around to doing my own bookish survey. What a fun idea! And of course I linked to yours, too. Thanks!

  213. I’m way late to the party, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to play with your fun survey!

    Here’s my link –

    Thanks! :)

  214. annamarie2505 says:

    This is so awesome! Thanks I totally added it to my blog too! I had a ton of fun with it :)

  215. I resisted doing this one for quite a while, but then I just had to give in. Thanks for another fun bookish survey, Jamie! My answers are here:

  216. I had so much fun doing this survey! Thank you so much for creating it! Here is mine:

  217. Aha, so you are the genius who invented this survey that has been doing the rounds! A great idea and a lot of fun. I’ve just answered it here:

    I see you’re reading “Tell the Wolves I’m Home” at the moment! I read it when it was first published a few months ago and it is AMAZING. I didn’t hear anything about it at the time – just picked it up ’cause it had a pretty cover and I kept coming back to it – but now word’s got out and everyone’s talking about it, YAY! I hope you love it too. It was exactly the book I needed to read when I did.

  218. That was a very fun survey! Thanks for making it up! :)

  219. Thanks for creating this survey! It was so much fun :D I’ve filled it out here:

  220. What a fun survey. I had to actually think! and difficult task at the moment. You and I only have the Book Thief and Harry Potter in common. What a big book world. Thanks for the suggestions for keeping track of books read.

  221. a MEME! so wonderful. Thanks for creating this. Taking the book-blog-world by STORM.

  222. Thanks for this! I love link-ups and questionnaires, and this is a great one! Caught on via Care’s Online Book Club blog – so thanks to her too!

  223. Thanks for creating this fun survey! Here’s my link:

  224. Hey Jamie, great survey! I had a lot of fun filling it out. Check out my answers, if you’d like:

  225. I just finished the Jessica Darling series today. I started it per your recommendation. I am in serious withdrawals!

  226. Sorry this is so late, but here’s mine!

  227. This was so fun to do! Thank you!

  228. What fun! Loved reading everyone’s answers and decided to participate on my blog also!

  229. This was fun! Thanks for creating this and allowing me to think a little deeper and a little sillier about my reading habits.

  230. Oh boy. I’m mad I didn’t actually read your survey before I did my version of it. You’re formatting is so perdy.

    I’m also a little sad I didn’t discover your blog during the summer… but *excuses*. I’m off to see your book crimes now. Ta~

  231. This was so much fun! I took the survey on my blog here ( I’m enjoying your blog too! I’m a new reader :)

  232. Hey, posted this on my blog yesterday. Didn’t even understand some of the questions but oh well…

  233. I know this post goes waaay back, but I think I’ve fallen in love with your blog and had to go nosying through older posts –

    I did a version too :)

    R x

  234. Really enjoyed this, and doing it on my own blog of course :)

  235. Jamie: Great A-Z survey! I have to admit, though, that the only book on your survey that I’ve read is The Book Thief (which I loved, btw). I found the survey through Adam at Roof Beam Reader and once I read your list and answers I just had to do my own (I cannot resist bookish things–whether it be a list or a survey or a reading challenge…I have got to do all the things!). I’ve linked back to you.

  236. Hi,
    Found your survey linked from a friend’s blog. Here’s my answers:

  237. Hi!
    I just did this survey as my first post on my new blog. I’ll leave the link below :). Thank you so much for this! It made introducing myself so much easier :).

  238. Hi !
    I’m a French bloger and I would like to do this fabulous tag. I will do it in English first, but can I translate it in French and do a French version to (in order to have “question” with the good letter) ? If it’s possible, thank you very much. If it’s not, never mind !
    I hope your understand my English…

  239. This was so much fun! And also really creative, haha I could never think something like this up, thanks for doing it and here is my attempt at it!


    Hey I found it on Amber’s blog The Mile Long Bookshelf. I filled out the survey (a year late!) and it was fun, perhaps too much fun.

    Amelia @ YA Bookologists (

  241. I’m super late to the party, but I really enjoyed doing this survey.

    Here is mine:

  242. This was so much fun! Lol, why did you chose the 27th book for X? If you’d like to read my post here’s the link: Thanks, this was such a great idea!

  243. I’ve just done this on my blog after finding your video version on YouTube earlier this week :) it’s a good tag enjoyed doing it

  244. Hi Jamie. I want to request your permission to translate and adapt this survey to portuguese. I will give you the credits for your creation of course:)

  245. Discovered this survey a year too late. Hahahaha… :p

  246. What a great idea and so well executed. And it lead me to your great site. Here is mine :)

  247. Thanks for this awesome tag/survey! Your blog is fantastic! :)

  248. I recently found this survey via Adam of Roof Beam Reader. Usually I find these sorts of things less-than-interesting, but I really enjoyed reading the responses. You picked good questions! I posted mine a few days ago – the first survey I’ve completed! :)

  249. I unearthed this from my drafts… a year and a half late (How did I even do that? I’m pretty sure I did housekeeping on my drafts between then and now. Oops) . So I updated it.


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  64. […] for the past few days and it looks like so much fun I just had to join.  Credit goes to Jamie from The Perpetual Page Turner for creating it and inspiration came from two cool blogs I follow who have done posts on it too […]

  65. […] survey is thanks to Jamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner. Thanks […]

  66. […] survey was created by Jaime at The Perpetual Page Turner. I’ve seen this floating around a lot and finally decided to join […]

  67. […] at The Perpetual Page-Turner came up with this fun and bookish A-Z survey and invited everyone to join in.  Go check out the links to read more about how she came up with […]

  68. […] hope this works right. This is my first post and trying to tag back from where I got the survey. http://; title=”A To Z Bookish Survey”>a […]

  69. […] from The Perpetual Page-Turner created the A to Z Book Survey on her wonderful blog, and a lot of people have been doing it too. I decided to put my own version […]

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  73. […] (Leafing Through Life) blog, and it looked like fun. The survey is the brainchild of Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner, so thanks for coming up with this idea. Happy Friday, […]

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  78. […] ~  Complete A to Z Survey  that was created by Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner […]

  79. […] is a little fun survey created by Jamie over at The Perpetual Page Turner.  I have wanted to do it for a few weeks, and finally decided to go for […]

  80. […] This survey is created by Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner. […]

  81. […] through a random tumblr search a few weekends ago. One of the posts was the A-Z Survey from The Perpetual Page-Turner. I love surveys and this is a great one, so I filled it […]

  82. […] Howdy folks, I have been seeing this little beauty of a survey popping up all over the place and decided I might as will give it a go. It gives me a bit of practice in copying and pasting and such being new to computers and all. I mean who doesn’t love a good survey! The orignal survey can be found here […]

  83. […] (and all round star) Nupur of One Hot Stove, here’s a bookish survey that originated over at The Perpetual Page Turner.  Be sure to check out their answers, and please share your preferences in the comments if you […]

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  86. […] *I saw it at Citizen Reader’s blog, and she saw it at Kim’s Sophisticated Dorkiness site, and she got the idea from The Perpetual Page Turner. […]

  87. […] this week so I decided to do something fun and different instead this Friday. Jamie over at The Perpetual Page-Turner came up with this survey so go check out her post and participate too if you want!   […]

  88. […] this amazing survey on Lindsey Mead’s blog. It was originally created by Jamie of the blog, The Perpetual Pageturner. I loved Lindsey’s answers — and felt like I got to know her a bit […]

  89. […] to split it up to one part per week for the next couple of weeks. Credit for this meme goes to The Perpetual Page-Turner, thought I’ve made some slight alterations to some of the questions to be phrased a tad more […]

  90. […] who saw the survey at Laura’s (Devouring Texts) but she believes it originated with Jamie of Perpetual Page Turner. Anyway, I had fun reading Trish’s answers, and decided I’d join […]

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  93. […] to split it up to one part per week for the next couple of weeks. Credit for this meme goes to The Perpetual Page-Turner, thought I’ve made some slight alterations to some of the questions to be phrased a tad more […]

  94. […] to split it up to one part per week for the next couple of weeks. Credit for this meme goes to The Perpetual Page-Turner, thought I’ve made some slight alterations to some of the questions to be phrased a tad more […]

  95. […] The original survey was created by The Perpetual Page Turner. […]

  96. […] This survey is created by The Perpetual Page Turner. […]

  97. […] to split it up to one part per week for the next couple of weeks. Credit for this meme goes to The Perpetual Page-Turner, thought I’ve made some slight alterations to some of the questions to be phrased a tad more […]

  98. […] at a blog called The Little Engine That Couldn’t and while I was there, I discovered the A to Z Bookish Survey  and decided to answer all the questions for a day when I’ve got nothing better to […]

  99. […] to split it up to one part per week for the next couple of weeks. Credit for this meme goes to The Perpetual Page-Turner, thought I’ve made some slight alterations to some of the questions to be phrased a tad more […]

  100. […] on the blogosphere (Katie’s Book Blog and The Streetlight Reader), which was created by Jamie at The Perpetual Page-Turner. Maybe it will tell you a few things you’ve always wanted to know about me. Maybe it will […]

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  106. […] I’ve seen this survey going around the book blog community — hello Jamie, at Perpetual Page Turner, and Elena, at Novel Sounds — and thought I’d join in the […]

  107. […] When I stopped by Jamie’s blog and saw that she had created this survey, I instantly knew I had to do it.  I used to love filling out these surveys in junior high and high school, even if half of the time all my answers were the same.  But, unlike all those surveys I filled out when I was younger, this one is actually focused on books!  If you want to see Jamie’s post which started this all, click here! […]

  108. […] to Jamie at Perpetual Page Turner for the idea and the […]

  109. […] 2013 3 Comments Jamie of the Perpetual Page-Turner posted an A-Z Survey which looked like a lot of fun and I had some free time during lunch at work so I thought, why not? […]

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  113. […] Top Ten Tuesday this week to participate in the A to Z Survey that Jamie put together over at The Perpetual Page Turner. It looked so fun, and anytime we can steal the spotlight, we jump RIGHT on […]

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  115. […] Top Ten Tuesday this week to participate in the A to Z Survey that Jamie put together over at The Perpetual Page Turner. It looked so fun, and anytime we can steal the spotlight, we jump RIGHT on […]

  116. […] I gave her this for her birthday btw) Links we love: Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner posts an A to Z book survey so you can get to know her a little better. It’s very fun! This week’s Cover Snark […]

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  141. KINDLE BOOKS says:

    […] like to rent. So today I’m going to be doing the A to Z Bookish Survey which was created by The Perpetual Page Turner, and it looked like a lot of fun so here are my […]

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  151. […] trouvé sur la chaîne Youtube Les lectures de Nine, il a été inauguré par Jamie du blog The Perfect Page-Turner. Il s’agit d’un questionnaire de A à Z sur les livres et les habitudes littéraires, […]

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  155. […] Hace poco leí en el blog de mi amiga Raquel Al buen tuntún este curioso cuestionario con preguntas de la A a la Z sobre nuestros hábitos de lectura. Me encantan estos retos de reflexionar, hacer balances y todas estas cosas, por lo que contestaré sus mismas preguntas. Por lo visto es una iniciativa del blog The Perpetual Page-Turner. […]

  156. […] une petite mise en bouche avec ce chouette questionnaire (initialement proposé en anglais sur  puis en vidéo et français par Nine […]

  157. […] Este cuestionario lo vi en Generación de Papel y me ha parecido curioso e interesante para contestar ya que requiere un esfuerzo de memoria (sobre todo para los que la tenemos de pez.) La creadora de este survey es Jamie. […]

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  163. […] à Z ». Populaire sur les chaines anglophones, il a été publié pour la première fois ici, et traduit en français sur SeekingVega et repris par la jolie NiNe sur sa chaine […]

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