My Ultimate Plan To Make Winter Suck Less For Me


make winter suck less


WE HAVE OFFICIALLY ENTERED THE SEASON WHERE IT IS DARK ALL THE TIME UNTIL FOREVER. No but seriously I almost cried yesterday when it was dark before 5pm. I miss our late evening summertime walks with Riley and Finn already.

I can honestly say I am one of the most miserable human beings in existence once Winter hits. I hate the cold weather and I overall hate the snow (I like how PRETTY it looks when I don’t have to go out in it??) and the slushy sleet and the cold temperatures that hurt my body, taking my dog out in said awful weather. I love certain THINGS about the cold weather seasons but overall I’m just VERY grumbly and miserable. Plus it doesn’t help that the sun is like NEVER out. I really, really struggle. SO this year I’ve devised a plan to make it suck less for me.




I did this a couple years ago and it really helped. I would pull my list out on days I struggled and it would help remind me of the things that are delightful about it or that I can’t enjoy during other seasons.  Last year I was pregnant during the winter (and had terrible morning sickness) so I was pretty much just miserable and didn’t care about making a list of things. It’s kind of like the gratitude lists I figure. It’s much easier to not be miserable if I actively think about the things I DO love.

So, for example, my list looks like this:

  • comfy oversized sweaters and leggings
  • fuzzy socks
  • sitting in watching Netflix all day and not feeling bad about wasting a nice sunny day like I would in the summer
  • not shaving my legs every other day like I would if I was wearing dresses or shorts every day
  • all the hot beverages!!
  • watching snow fall (nope nope I won’t think about having to shovel my car out or take my dog out or having to drive in it)
  • no mosquitoes or bees driving me nuts
  • busting my comforter out (I really think I sleep better all snuggled under that thing)
  • snuggling under blankets and reading (or just snuggling)
  • BOOTS! Also wearing slippers in my apartment every waking moment!
  • Christmas season — all the lights and decorations
  • all the chili and soup
  • being lazy and slowing down a bit



That last thing I put on the above list is important — Will and I tend to slow down in the winter. When it’s nice out we are always out and about even if it is just to take walks or just sit outside somewhere. In the summer (or whenever the weather is nice out) I feel like I’m wasting my life away inside if I just spend time doing nothing. We also have less plans with people in the Winter — no BBQs or festivals or things. So what a perfect time to learn something I’ve always wanted to learn or take up a new hobby!

Some things I’ve come up with for this winter:

  • work on my baking skills (I have zero baking skills so send me any of your favorite easy recipes)
  • Start up relearning Spanish — I took Spanish for YEARS back in high school and college and then for our trip to Madrid I started using Duolingo again to brush up and then I got busy and didn’t keep up with it.
  • Practice yoga (I’ve dabbled here and there with Yoga With Adrienne)
  • Restart my bullet journalling (related: ways I use my bullet journal as a blogger & reader)



I always remember this quote, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” or something along those lines. AND IT IS SO TRUE. I mean, there totally is bad weather and no matter what ensemble you put on it’s still going to be fuhreaking cold as shit. BUT I’ve noticed, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve been buying more appropriate clothing for winter and it does help. A couple years ago I FINALLY invested in a really, really warm winter coat and that helped TREMENDOUSLY when I did have to be outside. I always bought really cheap and cute jackets that were NOT WARM at all but spending $$ on a really warm jacket was key. This winter I’m on a mission for a new jacket (because that one has been through the ringer I wore it so much and the zipper is all jacked up) AND I’m looking to expand my winter wardrobe because it’s still a little sparse. My go-to throughout my 20’s was to just put a light cardigan over short sleeve blouses and tank tops and call it a winter outfit. SO I have slowly been trying to make a perfect winter wardrobe.

Here are what I’ve decided are my cold weather essentials & some of the things I’m looking into buying to expand my winter wardrobe (please share your GO-TO warm winter stuff in the comments. We are in this together, right??):

Super warm jacket

Columbia Cedar Down Jacket// Ralph Lauren Down Jacket // London Fog Puffer // Calvin Klein Down puffer // Laundry Down Puffer // Cole Haan Down Jacket//

I think I’m leaning toward the London Fog one. ALTHOUGH I saw one at Marshall’s that I want to see if it is still there. I think it was a Michael Kors.


warms socks & slippers


Sloth slippers (seriously Forever 21 has the cutest animal slippers right now) // Ugg moccasin slippers // Urban outfitters cozy crew sock // Patterned fuzzy sock // Cozychic sock // Ugg Fleece Lined Socks (literally the most expensive socks I’ve ever contemplated buying bc OMG FLEECE LINED = very cozy feet)

fleece lined leggings & cozy sweatpants for staying in
(Seriously ALL my sweatpants/joggers are super old from like college or are super thin yoga pants so I’m buying like MULTIPLE)

French Terry Fleece Joggers from Gap (these are half price right now!!)//French Terry Joggers from Old Navy // Cinched Joggers // The Street Fleece Pant // Eco Fleece Joggers (my friend turned me on to this!)  // Hollister fleece leggings // Charlotte Russe fleece lined leggings (I think I have this pair from last year) // Fleece Lined Leggings from Target

oversized cozy sweaters


comfy sweatshirts
(literally all I have is an old Gators sweatshirt & a college one…I wear Will’s all the time)


Forever 21 laceup sweatshirt // Brushed Hoodie // Sherpa Pullover from Old Navy // Knot Sweatshirt from H&M

scarves & hats & mittens, oh my!


Buffalo Plaid Scarf // Pink Plaid Scarf // Wool Gloves // Smartwool Gloves // Cable Knit Pom Hat // Textured Beanie Hat

warm pjs


Polar Bear pjs  // Dog PJs // grey pj set // flannel pjs





what is hygge

A couple of years I stumbled upon the concept of hygge while reading a magazine and was intrigued. NOW there are a ton of books dedicated to the concept of hygge which is awesome because I have been itching to delve into what hygge is but I really want to stay grounded in what hygge REALLY is! You can read a little bit about it here or check out these books for more inspiration:


I love how the article I linked to doesn’t make it seem like a lifestyle or something you can BUY or a certain style but it is rather a feeling. I started thinking about what to me evokes the feelings of coziness, charm or feelings of special-ness for me. I made some private Pinterest boards to help me like a ~vision board~ and here’s a couple of the things I came up with based on all the things I DID like about winter or that evoked those feelings above in me.

  • Create a cozy blanket and pillow fort to read in: Some of my favorite moments that I savor, especially now with a baby, are the times I can get comfy under my blankets and read. It really is something that feels so cozy and like all is right in the world.

  • Buy some special winter-y cocoas and teas to drink: There is nothing that feels more cozy to me than sitting down with a warm beverage but so many times I do it while multi-tasking. I want to buy some special (maybe even more expensive than my every-day tea) to drink ONLY while sitting and doing nothing. Might be hard to find time for that with Riley around but I feel like what a good way for me to work on being content and mindful than enjoying some nice teas and cocoas which are some of my favorite things about winter.


  • Plan a casual dinner with my girlfriends and their families: I’m thinking a laid back ~throw something in a crockpot~ sort of dinner. Enjoying time with my best friends and their families seriously always makes me grateful — always lots of laughs and good conversation. It’s always such a special time to me especially as we all have new babies and haven’t seen each other as often as we used to.


  • Buy new candles and actually light them on a regular basis: I just find candles to be cozy and evoke warm and fuzzy feelings. But I have a terrible tendency to forget to light them unless someone is coming over.


  • Have a coffee date with a friend at least once a month: I love everything about meeting up for coffee with a friend — the drinks, the ambiance, the conversation, the smell of the coffee shop. Especially in the winter what a lovely feeling it is to walk into a nice cozy cafe for a warm drink after being outside in the cold.


  • Buy flannel sheets: I was thinking about what a simple luxury it is to have warm & cozy sheets! Pretty sure I want THESE!!


  • Make a tradition to spend 1 weekend morning to have a special at-home breakfast: One of my favorite things is always to be in our pajamas and Will making pancakes while I make some coffee or tea. It’s super cozy. Can’t wait until Riley is old enough to enjoy Will’s breakfasts! Some recipes on my list to make this Winter in addition to our staples (chocolate chip pancakes, homemade breakfast sandwiches, breakfast burritos with chorizo from Whole foods/spicy potatoes/scrambled eggs in them) are: Gingerbread french toast, cinnamon roll pancakes, and this breakfast casserole.



I didn’t hate Winter as a kid. I really didn’t. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t forced to shovel a car out or drive in the miserable weather or because the fun of being out in the snow trumped how cold I was (or maybe I just freaking was bundled up in crazy layers and a snowsuit). I used to love sledding and building a snowman and a snow fort. I used to love snow days. I loved drinking hot cocoa after coming in from the snow. ALSO we use to eat alllll the grilled cheese and tomato soup in the winter.

SOOO I’m going to force myself to bundle up and do some sort of winter activity (maybe go skiing or build a snowman) and definitely treat myself to something hot after. I also was thinking how I’m going to plan super luxuriously lazy snow days and stay in my pjs and maybe even take a nap when Riley does (most of the time I don’t have to go to work if the snow is bad). I’m going to keep thinking about things I loved about Winter as a kid and find ways to incorporate them. Maybe have a grilled cheese throw down with Will to see who can make the best grownup grilled cheese. Have a themed movie marathon like my sister and I would on some snow days or lazy winter days (we always did a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen marathon).


Seriously, I’m going to start making the most epic to-be-read list for Winter! Like super cozy feeling books but also like books from favorite authors that will feel like ~home~ and definitely some winter romances!! Will report back on this.

ALSO this Winter I’m totally going to read books I loved as a kid. I feel like nothing evokes hygge, to me, like settling in with familiar friends. Some of the books on my list of books to possibly revisit:

  • Anne of Green Gables
  • A Wrinkle In Time
  • The Secret Garden
  • A Little Princess



As much as I try to minimize my time outside in the Winter (literally I try to park close to stores when I have to leave and do everything I need to do in one swoop so I don’t have to return outside) maybe what I need IS to breathe some fresh air and try to get that Vitamin D for the little time we do have it. So I’m going to bundle up (with all those WINTER APPROPRIATE CLOTHES I AM BUYING) and take Finn for a short walk. Take advantage of the days that are a little warmer. Plan activities that will take me out of the house sometimes instead of hibernating all the time and then getting so stir crazy. PLUS we have a crazy cute snowsuit for Riley soooo I have to get outside even if just to take some pictures of her looking like the Michelin man in it.



I have friends who SWEAR by light boxes for Seasonal Affective Disorder which I’m pretty sure IS some of my problem when it comes to winter. I kind of want to try them but this winter will be all about researching them. SO GIVE ME ALL THE FEEDBACK!!



I still think of this post a friend wrote a while ago because I struggle so much and I related. I can do all of those things I’ve listed above but a reminder that IT WILL be over is sometimes needed. Counting down til it gets lighter and winter is over sometimes is the best medicine. KNOWING you’ve survived it before helps.


Related to that last one: I think, for me sometimes, spending time planning things to look forward to helps me — even though I know being in the present IS important and probably a better coping mechanism. But sometimes I just need to focus on all the good things to come to take my mind off how much I hate winter. Maybe that looks like planning a weekend trip for when the weather gets a little nicer, looking into vacations for summer, looking at spring/summer fashion trends and picking some new pieces I might want to add to my wardrobe, looking at upcoming local events and festivals to come in the Spring.


I always love making seasonal bucket lists but I always fail super hard at them! Pinterest has some great inspiration for these that helped me get started. Maybe in another post I will share my Winter bucket list?? But maybe having a specific set of things to check off a list (that I WANT to do) will help focus my attention!


So this is my plan of attack to make Winter suck LESS for me!! I would LOVE to hear your strategy! Or if you are a Winter lover….tell me what you love about Winter! SHOW ME THE JOY OF WINTER!



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  1. I’m totally with you about the winter clothes! I always used to wear my usual summer/spring clothes and just add a cardigan on top. This can work sometimes (like with a really cozy sweater on top) but not always, since so many of my cardigans are thinner ones from Old Navy. I’ve recently started investing in huge sweaters and boots and warm socks because it really makes all the difference.

    • YES sometimes it totally works but, like you, most of my cardigans were cheap, thin Forever 21 or Old Navy ones too! Is this adulthood…buying appropriate clothing for the season?? As a teen I used to try to sneak out of the house without a coat because I didn’t want it to cover my outfit

  2. I think I need to follow your lead and do this for myself, cause the winter really affects me, too! Great post!

  3. I actually do like Winter, I’m not overly keen on the cold, but I love getting bundled up in all of my comfy winter clothing and having the excuse to have hot chocolate every day just because it’s so cold. I obviously love Christmas as well, so as soon as the holiday season starts, any apathy I had about cold weather kind of melts away! I pretty much have the entirety of December off Uni, which means I have time to just sit and read and blog and not worry about all the assignments I should be doing! Plus my friends come up to visit me at the end of December and we barely get to see each other anymore because of being at different unis so that’s always lovely. There’s Christmas dinners with my sports clubs at Uni, visiting the Christmas market in Edinburgh, curling up and watching Netflix….I do get a bit sad that it’s dark so early and so cold, but for me all the other great stuff outweighs that.

    • YES the holidays! I think I’m like really happy and fine from like Thanksgiving to NYE and then everything else is terrible in my mind. My ideal winter would be just from Thanksgiving to NYE lol. Your Christmas plans sound AMAZING!! Enjoy!!! And yeah, I think that’s why I’m trying to be super intentional about embracing what I DO love so it feels like miserable. I always dread it so much and I want to dread it less!

      • Ha ha yeah I would agree with that, everything leading up to Christmas and New Years and then as soon as January hits, it’s even colder and you don’t have any fun holiday things to look forward to! Aww thank you, it will be nice to see my friends and family after so long, and I’ve been so bogged down in essays recently that the break will be very welcome! I hope this winter sucks less for you 🙂

  4. I’m with you on the winter coat front. I bought a new one this winter, it’s down free, as I’m avoiding animal products, but it’s super warm and stylish. If you consider non-down items, check out HoodLamb, they have amazing coats!!

    • Right? It’s such a game changer to invest in a warm coat. I regret all the past winters that I bought cheap, thin coats. And thank you…totally down for finding a non-down alternative that is actually warm! Thank you! 🙂

  5. I HATE how early it gets dark this time of year!! And ugh, I hate the cold weather too (only perk… no bugs and no sweating). I overall hate snow too, besides looking at it from inside haha. It’s very pretty until it gets all dirty. But ugh, having to pay for clean up (plowing) -_-
    I oddly shave my legs MORE during the winter, but that’s mostly because I hate how hairy legs feel against pajama pants.
    I sleep better under heavier blankets too!!
    I adore all the lights and decorations for Christmas!!
    ALL THINGS PEPPERMINT!! Especially peppermint bark, yum.
    Ooo, I love baking! Where should I send recipes to?
    I’m pretty hot blooded or whatever they call it, so I always just get those male fleece hoodies with the fake sherpa inside, because that keeps me nice and toasty haha.
    And your idea of a winter outfit is pretty much mine… I just wear long leggings with my other season dresses and a cardigan and THEN my winter jacket, because… meh. Though I do have a couple long sleeved dresses now (I prefer tank tops and that kind of style on dresses too, so).
    Fun note… I’m allergic to donate (sinuses and stuff wise). I also can’t wear wool or any itchy material D: Super sensitive skin!
    Check out Fuzzy Babba slipper socks at Walmart!! They have memory foam in the bottom and they’re sooo comfy and cute.
    I sooo wish I could wear scarves but my throat is all like NO THANK YOU YOU’RE CHOKING ME (even though it’s totally not). And hats… they mess with my glasses 🙁 I also have a big head haha.
    Omg that throw looks soooo soft!!
    I can’t use flannel sheets anymore (I get too hot), so off to my auntie they go. She moved up from Florida last year and she has to take blood thinners, so she’s ALWAYS cold.
    Yesss, winter-y TBR! All of December, it’s going to be Christmas-y reads. Well, until I get sick of them.

    • oh I’m going to have to check out those slippers you suggest! OMG HOW COULD I FORGET ALL THINGS PEPPERMINT ON MY LIST. YES. Adding that to my list in my notebook!!

  6. Ohhhh, I have several simple baking recipes! What type of things are you looking for? Likely my favourite is the Earl Grey Cookie recipe I have!

  7. I love my down parka from Eddie Bauer! It is so warm.

    I’m also participating in the Putting Me Together Blog’s Style Challenge for Fall and plan to do the winter one as well. Definitely worth checking out, I think! It makes getting dressed so much fun, and it eliminates a decision from me. The winter shopping list will go live in early to mid December!

  8. I love Yoga With Adriene, especially how she puts out a new video every week! But yoga is a great way to set your mind at ease— great indoor activity in winter.

    As far as coats go, I highly recommend looking at J. Crew’s “cocoon coat”. I splurged at the beginning of last winter and it was so worth it. I can go out wearing a t-short underneath that and I’m warm enough!

  9. This post is so great! I also hate winter, so I think I might try making my own plan of attack to make it suck less 🙂 The getting dark early thing is the worst for me, because it seriously kills my outdoor running time (I hate running on the treadmill at the gym – don’t know why, but I prefer running outside). On the cozy clothes front, depending on your budget I HIGHLY recommend some Under Armour sweatpants! I just picked up a pair of the “Storm” fleece-lined ones at the outlet store near me, and they are SO WARM. They’re definitely my go-to lounge pants now that it’s getting cooler.

  10. Sloth slippers! It is good to prepare when you know you struggle. I struggled last year (with a 4-6 month old baby) and I am noticing I am less interested in doing things now the weather is getting cold and so early dark, yeah. I’ll have to make a list of things I like and do during Winter. That is a good idea. 🙂

  11. I live in Idaho, so it’s cold a lot longer than it’s not 😂😂😭😭
    First- get some pocket hand/foot warmers- they will change your life. I put them in my pocket, in my shoes, and if I’m super cold, I’ll put them in my gloves. (I buy them in bulk in the camping section of Walmart or similar places, sure they’re on Amazon too…
    Also- one of my favorite winter activities is to bundle up and go for a walk in the dark when it’s lightly snowing. The whole world feels extra beautiful and magical and it really feels like anything is possible. (And then drink hot cocoa when you get home 😊)
    If you don’t have a garage, cover your car in an old sheet and tuck it into the back doors, and then you don’t have to scrape your car in the morning…
    My favorite winter experience in recent years- we were headed into the mountains and they closed the road, so we got a hotel and every one was kinda stressed and grumpy, so we went out side and made snow angels, snowmen, slid around and just, legit acted like we were small children and it was perfect. We were all in a better mood and just, felt lighter, so I totally second finding moments to play in the snow.
    Also, my friend will throw snowballs for her dog to “fetch” and it’s pretty funny 😜

    • You are a cold weather pro!! You that you talk about taking walks in the snow. Will and I did that 2 winters ago because we couldn’t get Finn to poop in the snow when we had a huge snowstorm so we took a walk on the road and around our complex while it was snowing and it was rather delightful now that I think about it!

      That tip about covering your car…Def need to try that!

      And yes…playing in the snow. I feel like maybe if I find the magic in the snow like I had as a kid maybe it won’t feel so awful always??

  12. Those sloth slippers are the cutest! If you’re looking for recs for light therapy lamps, I’ve been using SunTouchPlus for a while, and I really like it!

    • Right?? I feel like you can’t be in a bad mood where sloth slippers!! I put them on my Xmas list for Will’s mom and he’s like omg you are a child lol. YES thanks for the rec! I have no idea about light therapy lamps so I will take all recs!

  13. Winter is one of my least favorite seasons because I’m not a fan of the cold, but I think after spending a few years in the Midwest, I’ve learned to cope with it a little better. Wool socks are really great (I get the Kirkland wool trail sock pack at Costco) for cold days and thermal leggings/tops (Uniqlo’s Heattech or the 32 degree ones at Costco/Macys [I think they’re on sale right now at Costco]) are great for added warmth without too much bulk. In the winter, I’m guilty of burying myself under a blanket over my shoulders when doing work (the fleece/sherpa ones are so comfy) and making warm drinks.

    Also re: baking, I love this cream cheese chocolate chip recipe: It sounds a little weird at first but adds a little more richness and body to regular chocolate chip cookies. A handheld mixer is really convenient, too!

  14. I just love the winter! It’s my favorite season. Probably because I just love Christmas and always have. Here in Florida, it’s the season of barely any humidity and lower temps- thank goodness!
    Summertime is like winter here for us. We are stuck indoors all the time because it’s too darn hot. haha

  15. It doesn’t snow here in LA so I love winter weather here… I mean, when it hits the 60s, we are already freezing! LOL
    But I do agree with you, comfy clothing is the best for this type of weather!

  16. I’m the complete opposite. I feel like the summer months are when I feel the most miserable. The heat gets really unbearable here and we often end up stuck inside where it’s cool. I live for the cooler months (and snow)!

    • Haha it’s so funny how vastly difference people’s temperature preferences are! I’m like PLEASE GIVE ME THE HEAT. I think like 80 is my perfect temperature (though when I was pregnant this summer I was like PLEASE NO I NEED ALL THE AC!!). I just always associate winter with misery and forget not everyone else does haha

  17. I have a love/hate relationship with winter and in an effort to make it suck less (aka how do I keep myself warmer), I’ve been loving Uniqlo’s HeatTech line (Costco/Macy’s 32 degrees thermals are also nice! [I think they’re on sale right now at Costco]) since they’re thin and lightweight but are incredibly warm. Wool socks are really nice, too and the Kirkland wool trail socks are nice, especially for the price.

    Re: baking, I love these cream cheese chocolate chip cookies: . They’re so creamy and an upgrade to the regular chocolate chip cookies. Using a handheld mixer is so nice.

    • OOOH must check out Uniqlo! I’m bummed because the last time Will and I went to the mall we found out that Uniqlo was closed there. There is still one in center city Philly so one of these weekends we are going to have to go! I love Uniqlo! Thank you for the rec!

      OOOH CREAM CHEESE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES??!?!??! You sold me. I am going to learn to bake so I can have these haha. Thank you!!

      Also so nice to chat with you again <333

      • <3 <3 Glad to be back! The one in Philly is quite close to the SEPTA Suburban Station so it's convenient in that sense, too. I hope you enjoy!


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